Malik Riaz

Chairman of Bahria Town in Pakistan

Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Hussain is a famous personality who came across various phases of life since his childhood age. From his teenage years, he meets a lot of financial problems in life. He discontinued his studies because of his faster business undergoes to bankrupt, and he planned to work as a part-time job to earn money daily to take for his family.

At first, he started to work as a clerk for the Military Engineering services and he works for part-time as a painter. On considering his hard work, he became a Pakistan military as a contractor. Then he got married Beena Riaz and had two children. Pashima Malik is the first daughter, and second, he had son Ahmed Ali Raiz Malik.

He worked for a long time to secure his contractor position in the military service until he becomes the 7th most luxurious personal in the country. He itself established his town with the name of the Bahria. He leads the organization to the next level at the time of making a substantial real estate company in the part of Asia.

He becomes topmost business people within a short time in Pakistan. His company meets great success and move to the next level by an expanding company in major cities such as the Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi.

Malik Riaz Hussain becomes a top-ranked businessman in the world, and he becomes the right person in several philanthropic works for the country. He provides outstanding Dastarkwans service and offers a free meal to underprivileged people every day.

He started working hard to take Bahria town to the next level in the last two years, and he meets great success in it. His company takes care of first projects such as the Bahria town Karachi, Bin Alam city, DHA smart city Islamabad and much more.

With the support of the above project, he developed a lot of things in his company and became the largest Masjid in Bahria town that is always having Paradise Precincts, Sport City. It brings out a particular focus and method for each project.

As a result, the company have proven result and become a leading real estate company. International Hospital Karachi is one of the important projects which get immense fame between the people over the year. It provides A to Z world-class medical support to all people and offers both free service and treatment to the poor people who cannot make money on their treatment.

The hospital is well maintained and also provides first-class treatment with the help of professional and expert doctors. Even well-trained nurses are active to provide the best service and care to each patient. In his hospital, he provides free treatment to the people are under financial problem. As a result, he is getting a more popular and kind-hearted man in this city.

His treatment and other medical service offer high awareness among the people to live in a healthy environment. Malik Riaz always looks forward to clean and maintain the hospital well and offer innovative treatment for a major health problem.

Malik Riaz
Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town

Message From Chairman

Malik Riaz has set up an example for people to come forward and implement socially responsible and sustainable programs to reduce economic disparity. His idea of mutual prosperity has touched the lives and hearts of masses and has infused a hope for a “New Pakistan” for better and prosperous future.

Malik Riaz Hussain


Malik Riaz Bahria Town
Ali Riaz Malik Son of Malik Riaz
Malik Riaz Hussain Bahria Town
Ali Riaz Malik Son of Malik Riaz